JIVAN is part of Daga Group, a business group that holds strong interests in various sectors like Textiles, Constructions, Warehousing, Showroom, Hospitality, and Chemicals. It holds immense knowledge in textile exports and the construction sector, having experience in both fields for over 40 years.

Established in 1978 in Bombay, the group is one of the most acclaimed companies engaged in manufacturing and exports. It had made a modest beginning from trading to local domestic buyers, and doing job orders and licensing work for many reputed companies of the ’70s and ’80s. Today, it has transformed into a vertically integrated group exporting goods in various sectors worth more than $17 million to over 30 countries. It has come a long way to establishing goodwill in the domestic and international markets for supplying quality and cost-competitive goods.

JIVAN was created in 2013 to fulfill a gap wherein clients required fashionable furniture designs in tune with their constantly changing markets, keeping it affordable and quality adhered to at the same time. JIVAN was made to serve those customers who were tired of doing business with orthodox un-updated noncreative furniture companies, not believing in changing with the times.


JIVAN, a $2.7 million organization’s strong infrastructure facilities are spread over its 45000 sq. ft area cumulatively in Jodhpur, execute all types of volumetric orders in Wooden and Metal furniture – from small niche orders to high volume orders, with the help of the latest ‘Made in India’ technologies and machinery. At our factories, we take care of the sampling needs of our clients, making designs and products as per their current global requirements and trends. Our group of experienced carpenters, ironsmiths, and local artisans makes sure every piece is manufactured correctly with minimal resource wastages, keeping low both costs and pollution impact on the environment. Our dedicated team of quality controllers further checked their work, using their vast experience to make sure the goods pass every quality parameter keeping the end product consistently looking alike. Our small but efficient back office team coordinates various production processes, making operations smooth and streamlined and meeting the delivery dates. The combined effort of all these professionals and highly skilled workforce with their utmost dedication ensures that we deliver to various satisfied customers. Simply put, We are your one-stop shop for all solutions in furniture.

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Timber Milling and Seasoning

The soul of any wooden furniture or decorative accessories is its base – solid wood. We know its importance and therefore At Jivan, we have invested in some basic kilns and government-registered sawmills to get the most of the wood log reducing our impact on the environment.

It also helps in faster processing in bulk manufacturing. At Jivan, we believe in HANDMADE products rather than machine-made ones. Jodhpur is famous because of its artisan’s creativity and skills which reflect in its Indian architectural history. To enhance artisans’ productivity without losing out to machinist mindless manufacturing, JIVAN has invested heavily in simple, easy-to-use, effective machines. This helps skill artisans deploy their skill into shaping beautiful products with minimal operational prowess.

It brings a sense of consistency in batch manufacturing yet each piece retains its unique handmade feel and look – hand and machine winning combination.


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Thickness Planer

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Finishing Processes

1. After converting raw wood into desired forms – whether furniture items or storage articles, they are sent for polishing – the most important value-enhancing process.

2. It’s over here where the semi-finished product gets its own personality and identity using various fascinating processes.

3. There are multiple techniques we use to give the product a unique character – we use hand sanding, sandblasting, wire gauge scrubbings, fire scorching, etc to achieve buyer-requested finishes along with various topcoats. All these processes are done to enriching wood grains’ exquisiteness while maintaining a handcrafted look while the topcoats make it possible to survive a lifetime.

4. On each process, our team of experienced and dedicated quality checkers makes sure that the bulk production of each batch remains consistent with the desired look.

Packaging and Container Stuffing

1. After approval from our or authorized third-party quality checkers, the products are readied for exports.

2. During the packing process, we Keep environmental impact in mind during material disposal plus pollution laws of various countries. Our packing team uses various sustainable materials like recyclable PPE products and recycled cartons.

3.At JIVAN, we use minimal but highly durable packing materials. Our packaging can sustain some of the toughest logistics conditions’, ensuring the product reaches in impeccable condition to the end customer.

4. By having the consignment container stuffed in our factories, we ensure the goods reach the buyer’s warehouse in perfect condition by properly stuffing the container in house. This reduces the number of transfer points compared to stuffing in an ICD.