Handicrafts have been gone through many a storms facing challenges in increasing industrialization and overall criterion shifts in the crafts’ production. we are pleased to introduce our self as manufacturer ,wholesaler and exporter of sold wood hand crafted furniture and accessories. JIVAN is a Government registered furniture manufacturing unit incorporated in the year 2012. It is located in Jodhpur - RAJASTHAN; an ideal location highly suitable for this kind of business. We have a 30,000 sq foot facility with latest woodworking and iron shaping machines along with in houses facilities for research and development, design, manufacturer, finish and package our reputed customer's furniture and accessories orders timely. JIVAN's current capacity is 1800 CUBIC METERS OF PREASSEMBLED FURNITURE PER MONTH . INSTALL CAPACITY IS 2000 CBM PER MONTH ensures that all our customers are given equal class treatment when it comes to delivery of orders and other commitments.

We desire to become the a platform through which creation of talented articians of our team can directly connect with audience, we desire to become the resource which helps all our craft sell not to be sell as objects but stories and ideas. Jivan ly to festyle try to make not just ‘sales’ but 'communications'between the craftsmen and their leaders, encouraging them to present pleasant craft items.we work together to offer our customer a wide range of fascinating and uncomprovising quality products. Our handicrafts are loved and admired around the world in every field because of the we guarantee for its superior Designs and best quality. We basically deal in woodcraft, marble handicraft and other similar products.our handicrafts are demanding in vast level. jivan lyfestyle is a platform which provides all craftsmen to share their creative ideology and create immense beauty in the form of authentic craft items exchange for the country, while preserving its heritage.we offer the best employment place for artisans where they can represent the finest quality Indian ethical collectibles.

jivan lyfestyle was estabilished with a big dream and a strong dedication to deliver you the creative ideology of our tslented craftmen.we started our work at very small level but now we have a renowned name in the market.our strong dedication and commitment for best quality make us deliver the finest products to you. our company is not just a work place for several employees it is a platform where talented craftsmen mold there creative mind in marvelous creation.

The pattern of handcrafted objects at jivan lyfestyle also reflects its origin to the primitive history and heritage.It is the traditional beauty that provides our products a speciality in the market .We always feel so privileged to satisfy each and all, both personal clients as well as industries dealing in handicrafts, in any place of the world. we are so fortunate to have all the talented artisans who have kept the creation of their generations alive. At Jivan lyfestyle, we aim to link between the artists and the market by providing authentic creation of our artisans .Our intention is to help the local artisans analyse their exclusive ideas and tact by edging their talent in the form of their creative products which we sell and promote. At Jivan lyfestyle, we are vitaly trying to give them the legacy of dignity and courage, in themselves and their creation in art, along with a sense of freedom and economicalsecurity.Thereby, we wish to create difference in their lives by adding alot to their social andfinancial conditions and add as much elegance in their lives as they add in their art.